Train More Play Less strive to achieve academic excellence in addition to develop ELITE athletes!

A lot of homeschool athletic programs neglect the academic curriculum and fail to challenge their students, bringing in TA’s or outdated programs and teaching at their facilities. We are pleased to announce our partnership with Santiago Charter School for 7th & 8th.  Our program is designed for players wanting to focus on development and growth and working towards an elite level of performance on and off the field.

The student athletes will attend school from 8a-11:30am.  They will get picked up by the TMPL van by 11:30am, eat lunch, then they will train from 12:30p-3:30p.

    7-8th: Santiago Charter School

    • School 8-11:30AM
    • Train 12:30-3:30PM

    Our academy will consist of strength/conditioning, recovery, nutrition, community, character development, and of course baseball fundamentals and skills.

    Train More Play Less culture is designed to mirror the higher education environment to better prepare our tiny humans for the next big step in their lives.  We are dedicated to building healthy communication with teachers, ensure student responsibilities are met before athletics, request grade checks, we welcome character building moments surrounding adversities, and trials, and promote positive recognition throughout the athletes development process.